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Steve Martin is very witty

Hey, I haven't written since I started school! I should fix that, right? I honestly don't have much to say about school. It's sort of the same as most years, same types of classes... I do have drrama, so that's cool! But I only have quarter electives, so they're all going to be sort of weird and short. But I have a bunch of good ones. I'm also taking an ACT prep class/ college prep type class. I mean, it's just sort of a lot of review and a little bit of getting ready to apply for college and stuff. You know, school's pretty ok so far.

Today was really not my day though. We took a practice PSAT test and I did horribly. Definitely didn't do a lot for my confidence when I actually go to take the test. And then apperantly one of my friends just doesn't like me now. He and I were pretty good friends, we hung out and got along, and saw each other outside of school. Him and me and Lydia hung out a lot. Well, he moved during the summer and we had been talking on facebook. I went tro write something on his wall and noticed he wasn't on my friends list, so I went to add him again because sometimes people are sort of randomly deleted from my friend's list. Today I got a reply back that said he decided to only use his facebook for close personal friends and family. No offence, he deleted a lot of people... yeah, no offence? Ok. I don't know if I did something to offend him or what. I mean, he used to talk like we were good friends, and I looked at the people he kept and he talked to them way less. Now I'm just worried that I did something bad, or he's just always been annoyed by me and decided to finally stop talking to me... but I know that's not really ture. He liked me at some point. Ugh, frustration. And then other things happened today that are just very long and complicated to explain. Seeing people I don't exactly like to see... and we lost the first volleyball game of the season. And I had to get a physical and was told my weight was up from the last one and I need to keep it in check... that's encouraging. 

But enough about that. On the bright side I had very little homework and I got to eat at Steak n' Shake after the game with Lydia. Sorry for posting such a downer post, haha, I don't know how that happened. You guys manage to make me happy though :). I hope all of my friends are doing well. I'm just watching a little Conan before I hit the hay!


 Oh hi, so livejournal is working again? Hooray! Well, I got on once and then lj went all whack... boo. But you know, it seems lj really has slowed down a bit. It's a little sad, I haven't talked to some people in so long... ah, well you know, there are still people on here, it's all good.

I haven't been up to very much lately. Oh, I got a job! I'm going to be doing childcare at my church. It's really just Wednesdays and Saturdays, and then any other day they may need help, but I'm getting paid! Or I will, I haven't started yet. Well, I'm pretty excited about it. And it looks like I'll FINALLY be getting my license in about a month. Gosh, this waiting is killing me. 

That's really about all the exciting things in my life lately. I've been being really lazy enjoying the last few weeks of summer. I have to go back on the 18th, boo. I've been trying to read Huckleberry Finn for my summer reading project, but boy is it boring. Before that though, we're going to visit my family in Georgia, and then going to Hilton Head to hang out on the beach. It's all good.

Pointless journal entry, but I felt like I needed to do some sort of update. Well, I hope everyone else is enjoying the rest of their summer!


Disney Photo Challenge day 10

 I'm going to start doing this again!

Day 10: A picture of your favorite ride or attraction


It's really hard to say my all time favorite, but this ride is definitely high on the list. And I don't go on it as much because of how oddly long the line always is. But yeah, it's just so cute and peter pan is amazing, and I love "flying" in the boats, it's so fun! The next on my list is probably the Winnie the Pooh ride, but  I just chose peter pan for some reason... of course ask me in a week and it'll be something different. 

So did you guys know that like, all of the Borders everywhere are closing? The one near my grandma closed, and she had a gift card so she was like "oh here, you can just get something back home." And so I went to the Borders near me, and it was having a sort of big close out sale. Apperantly borders is just totally going out of buisness. That sort of stinks, but at least there was a sale, so I got a bunch of stuff! I got the next volume of Fullmetal Alchemist, A Tree Grows in Brookly, and Fifth Avenut, 5 A.M, which is about Audrey Hephburn and Breakfast at Tiffany's... at least that's what I gathered, ahaha. Anyway it looked good. And then I got the albums for Moulin Rouge AND Chicago, which is awesome!!

Today I also saw Winnie the Pooh, which was SO cute!!! My mom and my friend and I were the only people in the theater who were like, not with little children, but it was amazing anyway, I just couldn't take it. After that I was out all day with my family. I'm getting some new furniture for my room, and today I bough a super comfy queen sized matress. I don't have it yet, but I'm so excited. Right now I have a really old squeaky gives me back pain twin, so I'm looking forward to the new one! I have a tiny room though so... it's cool though, I don't have dance parties in my room or anything, so I don't really need a bunch of free space. Oh, and furniture salespeople are basically stalkers, no big deal.

After we got home, we had to weed and do a bunch of yard work, and it's SO hot, it was pretty miserable. My legs are kind of killing me right now. Ah well. I have another meme!

I got this from Kelly!

♥ Comment with LOVE ME (Or anything really to indicate you want me to interview you, lol.)
♥ I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
♥ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
♥ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

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Five words meme

 Comment to this post and I will list five things I associate with you. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me~) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

These are my words from tunnels_of_loce

1. Disneyland

Ok, so I don't know exactly how I'm supposed to comment on these, but we'll just see how this goes. I guess I could say yay! I mean, disney had to be on the list, and I just love Disneyland after being there this summer. It's sort of... quaint? I don't know, just compared to Disneyworld, it was really cute and super girly, and ~magical~. Ahaha, yeah, this is just sort of a general comment on Disneyland I guess. It's 1 in the morning, I'm having trouble putting together good thoughts.

2. Stamping

Aww, it's how we first met, hahaha! I miss stamping... it's definitely sort of died down. After poor Paris had to leave, that was like, half of the communities gone right there. And then the others sort of fizzled out too. Some are updated occasionally though. And it was fun, I met most of my friends on stamping communities!

3. A cheerful personality

Why thank you! Well, I try to be cheerful, and try to avoid posting a ton of entries with crazy emotional stuff. I guess I'm more inward and personal when it comes to stuff like that. Especially since I'm a teenager and I know it's super easy to post something on here and then regret it a day later, because I have no idea where my emotions are going sometimes... but I do have emotional entries sometimes, I just try to keep that all to a minimum for the sake of my friends.
4. Cupcakes
Well I love cupcakes! I don't know how to comment on this really and how to relate it to myself exactly, but I love it! I want to learn how to make really pretty cupcakes sometime, because they're awesome.
5. The Office
Hooray for comedy! Gosh, I just love this show! And I'm glad to be associated with it because sometimes I feel like I abandon it a little and don't talk about it a whole lot. It's good to know my love show, hahaha!


Long time no... write

 Oh my gosh, hi you guys!! So for about a month I've basically just been gone and like, the worst lj friend ever, besides the very occasional comment. I'm so sorry! So I was gone for about two weeks in Florida, and I did get on, just not too often. Then I was gone at camp for a week, and I got back from that on Saturday. And I've just been lazy up until now, ahaha. But, I promise I will stop being a bad friend, for I missed you all!

I obviously stopped the disney photo thing for a while. I'm not going to pick that back up right away, but I will finish. So what have I been doing? Well, in Florida I just hung out with my family and held my baby cousin all day long basically. Oh my gosh, he was just so cute, babies are amazing! And then I went to Studenlife camp with my church, and we did bible study worship stuff at night, and helped at different mission sights during the day. My group worked at an assisted living center, and we met some really awesome old people. And then this week I've been being pretty lazy and doing some stuff with Lydia. A big group went to see Harry Potter, and of course it was awesome! 

I also saw Cars 2 twice... I was it with my aunt and uncle, and then Lydia was like, hey, I got free tickets, and I was like, heck yes! The second time was more fun because Lydia get a little more excited about things. My mom and I are going Winnie the Pooh sometime this week, and we both get a little emotional when Pooh bear is involved. My mom has always loved him, and both me and my brother's baby rooms had winnie the pooh themes. I was OBSESSED when I was little, especially with Tigger ( I might have mentioned this before, but my dad actually got a Tigger tattoo when I was little with my name under it, and then added my brother's name. So yeah, Pooh Bear get's huge nostalgia points for me.) I will cry and I will have no regrets.

Oh, I believe I haven't written about the Hunger Games here. So basically, I read the series and it was amazing and then end caused me so many EMOTIONS! But none of my friends have read it, and I need somebody else to be excited as movie stuff starts to come out. My brother seems interested, so I'm trying to make him read them. He doesn't like reading too much though, so it'll take some convincing. It's cool, I'll get him to do it soon. I went to the library the other day to try and rent it for him, but they all the copies were checked out. Instead I basically just got a bunch of books from my childhood days. I got two of those Dear America books that were like, "diaries" of girls from different time periods. And also, the Baby Sitter's Club!! Did anyone else read these, I know I was obsessed! And now I see how terribly written they were... I'm feeling nostalgic lately.

But yeah, this entry is long, and I have a meme to do which I'm going to do on a separate entry. And I'm going to do that now!

Disney Photo Challenge day 9

 Day 9: A picture of your favorite Disney restaurant.


I haven't been to a lot of the cool restaurants at Disney, I'm more used to the just quick places, but I just though Tony's was so cute!

So I haven't actually written anything in a while, so I guess I will now! I haven't exactly done much, California was really fun! I'll probably post some pictures at some point, though a lot of pictures from Disneyland are on this thing. We went to Hollywood though, and did the whole walk of fame Chinese theater hand prints thing. I put my hands in the hands of Natalie Woods, Judy Garland, and Tom Hanks, which was beautiful, and I found Alan Menken's star. And we went to the beach one day, so it was fun. I'm not really writing much about my trip... Disney was kind of the highlight for me. Oh, the Little Mermaid ride actually only had a 30 minute wait, so I went on it twice. It was so cute!

This past week I've been helping with vacation bible school at my church. I've been helping with the 6th grade. Let me tell ya, they wear me out! The 6th grade classes get to do extra stuff afterwards; yesterday we went to the pool and today we had a car wash and did this big slip and slide thing on the big hill outside of the church with a big tarp and a bunch of baby oil and shampoo... then that all got mixed with mud and nasty grass. I went down eventually because this other girl asked me... it was so gross! 

Well, anyway, right now I'm sitting in the living room with my brother and his friends and they're playing Call of Duty... or one of the really boring games like that. But my brother's allowed to play, it's his birthday today. :) He's turning 12, so happy birthday to him! 

Disney Photo challenge days 7 and 8

I missed yesterday!

Day 7: A picture of your favorite in park character


I haven't honestly spent a ton of time meeting characters (loooong lines), but I think this one of the best experiences I've had with a character. Mickey is just so cute, and after I took a picture with him when I was about to leave he held out his arms and hugged me, and then "kissed" me on the cheek. Ahaha, I don't know it just made me smile and sort of oddly kind of made my day :)

Day 8: A picture of the ride you miss most

Ugh, I really can't think of an actual ride... so I'll do something that I miss.


I think this was one of the only places my parents could get me to take pictures with the characters. I used to be really afraid of them especially the ones in the big costumes, haha, but I liked Ariel apparently! Unfortunately I wouldn't have a way to put the picture of me when I was little with Ariel even if I could find it.

Disney Photo Challenge day 6

 Day 6: A picture of something you've never ridden/seen in the parks


Not much of a story... I've just never been on this. I was scared beyond belief of all roller coasters until recently, and I haven't been to Hollywood Studios much, so yeah!

Disney Photo Challenge day 5

 Day 5: A picture of your least favorite ride or attraction


I have not words... I mean, what is this ride even, I just... Ok, I do have words. It's not like disliked going on this ride, but it's weird and freaky. This was one of those movies I watched as a child and had absolutely no idea what was happening the whole time. And I didn't appreciate getting run over by a train. And then being sent to hell. Yeah, it got hot, and the devil was there, and there were demons. This ride takes you to HELL. It was just very odd.